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O-Week 2013 S1 @UNSW @unswdebating @新南威尔士大学华辩社

| 2013-02-26

Podcast Program List Preview:  * 这周没有公开的比赛和训练
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        Hello everyone! Hope you are doing well and enjoying the summer holiday~ =) Semester will resume soon for students which means @unswdebating @新南威尔士大学华辩社 activities are going to resume better as well! =D

        We are kicking off the first @unswdebating event of the year: @unswdebating' Orientation Week (O-Week) Stall~ (#30 in front of chem sci building)

        Last year was @unswdebating's O-week, and it was pretty amazing: 500+ new members, hundreds of giftbags given away, a huge raffle? and a lunchtime gathering! This year we want to do even better, but to do that... we need your help!

        This year, several of 2013's exec have Honours, PHD or short-courses which run throughout the week, which means we're going to need an awesome team of volunteers to run the stall in our absence!

        This is a good chance for you to meet new friends/members, introduce your friends to @unswdebating and maybe sign up or even renew your @unswdebating' membership definately free as well! Just drop in at the stall and have a chat with us if you are in Uni! 

        We are also looking for helpers to help out at the stall. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to experience the process of promoting @unswdebating and in the process learn more about @unswdebating. You will also get a chance to know the new & "old" members a little bit more! Volunteering at the stall means talking to lots of eager first years about @unswdebating, handing out huge amounts of giftbags, counting lots of small change, and basically trying to encourage as many new members to sign up as possible! It's actually a lot of fun; if you've enjoyed being a member of @unswdebating, it would be amazing if you could help out - even if just for a few hours! 

        From 25th February till 1st March, we will have a stall in the university compound with many other clubs and societies (location of @unswdebating O-Week stall will be updated once confirmed  
#30 [updated by Bill, Feb.25, 2013]). From 4th March till 8th March, @unswdebating O-Week Stall will be situated online.

        To sweeten the deal even more, we've put together a special set of rewards to thank you for your help. :) Just for helping out at the stall for a few hours, you'll get what you can expect: 

► FREE membership + bag! - The Only Free Chinese Club Membership Fee within @UNSW
► Free on ALL 2013 @unswdebating events 
► FREE BBQ in Week1!
► Free Media - The Only Chinese Society who got Website.

        Remember that you have to sign up each year to be considered a member of @unswdebating (and receive our emails/notification of events).

        Come along and find out all about what we have in store for the year ahead!
Whether you're a first year, an honours student or about to start your PHD, we'd love to see you at our stall.

        If you have any questions, feel free to post them on this page. =)

        Alternatively, please contact the organisers of this event:
Kade L李沄沨 0406 708 960 <yunfeng.kade.li#gmail.com>

        See you there! 

Quick Updates:

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Turpan Restaurant is gladded to be our sponsor for 10% off not only just 大盘鸡 ( ≥4 ppl)打折 电台收音指南
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Secretary (Debating Team Assistant): Bill
President: Claire

[UNSWDebating] 华辩社 O-WEEK活动详情

| 2013-02-19

    2.25-2.29是学校的oweek,时间是每天的 10:00-16:00 我们将摆出我们的stall招收新的社员了。作为本学校唯一华人学生社团,也是唯一拥有社团网站的华人学生社团,今年我们将有更多更丰富的社团活动和周边商家优惠。我们欢迎各位新老社员,来我们的stall注册登记、获取社团会员卡。
欲知详情或有意加入请  电话联系:0406 708 960 kade
                                      或者出席会议 21/2/2013 下午 
LAWG20 17:00-18:00




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